SEO costs in the market are generally relatively high, resulting in a low or even negative return on investment (ROI), or very cheap or even unsuccessful, but not charging but the effect is not good, and the website is even punished by Google for using black hat technology. An SEO company managed by former Google employees , TOP MEDIA CREW provides SEO services that are affordable and bring business best results. Our monthly SEO plan starts at USD $650, which is definitely comparable to major small and medium-sized enterprises. Choose the SEO plan that suits you today and enjoy the power it brings.

The price list is for reference only and is only applicable to Hong Kong region. The monthly fee varies with different industries, competition and website issues. There are absolutely no hidden charges, unless the site has serious technical issues that preclude it from participating in our SEO Ranking Guarantee program and needs to be redesigned, for which we will also offer a discount. Get a free quote consultation today.

SEO price list

Basic SEO
Monthly Plan

USD $ 650/ from* per month

Advanced SEO
Monthly Plan 

USD $ 770/ from* per month

Premium SEO
Monthly Plan

USD $ 910 / from* per month

number of keywords




contract period

1 month

1 / 3 / 6 months

3 / 6 months

degree of competition




keyword analysis

competitor analysis

Comprehensive site optimization

Content optimization

Off-site optimization/external link building

Conversion rate optimization

Google Desktop

Google (Mobile)


First Page Rank Guaranteed

Monthly ranking report

Network promotion experts follow up

Google Search Specialist


Here are the questions we often get about SEO charges

We will determine the monthly SEO price according to the technical difficulty of the website, the number of problems, the number of keywords, industry competition and other factors.

SEO takes time, we hope to improve your ROI at a favorable price, with small profits but quick turnover.

Do not. We only offer fixed monthly SEO plans. There is no free lunch in the world. The unsuccessful no-fee plan actually hides the details of the devil. Customers should pay attention to the contract terms and actual charges, especially the key words in the plan, so as to avoid being deceived.

Totally unreasonable. If you have a budget of HK$10,000, it is recommended to contact us, which can provide more keyword optimization.

We do not increase fees unless keywords are added.

Not needed. We will optimize for free until the target is met before continuing to charge.

Sorry, we do not offer optimizations for a keyword other than a brand or, company or personal name.

Contact us for a free SEO quote and analysis.

We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or bank transfer. Please provide payment records for us to verify.

No SEM because there’re more Ad blockers work to prevent pop-up ads and other types of unwanted advertisements from appearing on a user’s browser, in which has caused SEM initiatives more ineffective, leading to a higher cost for little return to the business or advertiser. 

SEO on the other hand has always been proven to drive success for the best cost value. 

Our services are ‘One Time Charged’ and have no extra hidden fee.

Simple SEO process: choose a suitable SEO plan> successful payment> confirm keywords> provide website login> SEO work> content optimization> ranking guarantee start> monthly ranking report and analysis

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