What Are The Benefits of having a website for my business? Why Would I Need One ?

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A website is the only way for unfamiliar potential customers to know you or your brand. In this current digital age, everyone uses Google to find the services they need. No matter how big or small your business is, it is possible to find you through internet searches.

Most of your potential customers will use the website to find out whether the company’s products and services really meet their needs, and then screen out suitable manufacturers for the next step of cooperation.

The website =  the most loyal employee 24/7

The website is the most loyal employee 24 hours a day, working for you 24/7, showing your products and services to customers anytime, anywhere. Users can see your website wherever you can access the Internet.

Compared with the physical storefront, the construction cost of the website is relatively much lower, and there is no need to pay utility bills and personnel costs. Just pay a little annual website application fee and hosting fee. Whether for a business or an individual, having a website is undoubtedly a very important marketing channel.

Your competitors have websites

Your target customers usually search through the website to find the services they need, and your peers certainly understand this. (Fact: The internet connects websites according the purchase behavior of the target customers.) According to research, once consumers know what they need, they will start researching, and 75% of them will go online to find relevant information, reviews and recommendations.

So if you can stay competitive in the online world, you’ll have an opportunity to give shoppers a “reason to buy.”

One of the ‘Lowest Cost, Highest Long-Term’ Investment

The mobile generation is competing in the existing market space. If you do not want to enter the dead end of price reduction and promotion, you must increase your demanding. And how to stir life in such a surrounding? A website, which has been considerably as one of the lowest cost investment with the highest long-term results.

In this era of high-speed replacement business century, whether or not to set up a website has an influence on whether a company can survive on the battlefield in that business future. It can even be said that if a company does not pay attention to online marketing, it will soon be eliminated from the market.

Therefore, unless your customer group is limited to consumers in the nearby community, if you want to make a sustainable business, you will have to use online marketing. In the online world, the website is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and most effective means to develop a brand’s market size!

Facebook can also expose company information, do I still need a website design?

This is the most frequently asked question by business owners. The vast majority of users in niches for online shopping have the habit of using Facebook, and social advertising also has a place in the online marketing industry, but why are these communities not suitable for use as official websites?

  1. Information is not organized and cannot be searched
  2. Inability to express corporate characteristics
  3. The information will be washed, and the information cannot be found
  4. The official website is the most credible source of information
  5. Can’t accumulate SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

The biggest difference between social platforms and websites is the purpose of use. The former is mainly for publishing instant messages, while the latter is for building a brand image.

In addition, the ownership of the website and the website are also their own. If one day the community platform is closed and the rules of posting are changed, the results of many years of operation will be in vain. The best way to do this is to run a website as well as a community. When you stack more chips, the exposure rate is relatively higher. Instead of relying too much on the benefits of the community, they complement each other and slowly transfer users to get them accustomed to using the established website. In this way, if there is any out- ranges changes in the community, it will not directly or indirectly cause the business unexpected effects. 

The advertising exposure costs of social media such as FB and IG are also getting higher and higher while SEO are becoming a prominent feature of online marketing. A good official website can get the first page of Google for many keywords, which is an advantage that social media cannot keep up with.

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