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Google is well known for its amazing products. The Google stats we’re presenting to you show just how well-regarded the American multinational technology company is. Namely, Google is one of the world’s largest tech companies alongside Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

Founded in 1998, it specializes in cloud computing, online advertising, and software. It’s also specialized in hardware and sponsorships. To fully understand the company, we’ll be looking at some stats about the organization. It should help advertisers, users, and entrepreneurs stay knowledgeable about its products, financial growth, and economic impact.

  • 1. Google has over 271 products, including its search engine.

    (Source: Minterest)

    There are many people out there who might be wondering if Google’s search engine is all that contributes to the company’s rapid growth and fame. However, it should come as no surprise that the company has more than 271 products that cater to the needs of Google users.

  • 2. Google acquires an average of one company every week.

    (Source: ScoopWhoop)


    Since 2010, Google has acquired at least one company every week, on average. This goes a long way toward increasing its revenue, not to mention drawing more attention to the company. Having various subsidiaries and products is a unique business strategy in which the company continues to invest successfully. In this way, Google Inc can also leverage these acquisitions as it strives to innovate more and more.

  • 3. Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second.

    (Source: Ardor SEO)

    With the massive number of active users on Google’s search engine every day, it really isn’t a surprise this number is so high. Essentially, this amounts to over 3.5 billion searches per day and a whopping 1.2 trillion searches per year. Additionally, the search engine handles a mammoth amount of desktop searches. In April of 2019, Google managed 88.47% of desktop searches. This data is according to the Google search statistics from Internet Live Stats and the most recent SEO statistics.

    4. Chrome accounted for 36% of all mobile web traffic in the United States.

    (Source: Statista)

    Chrome was responsible for over a third of all mobile web traffic in the US in December 2020. However, Safari took the lead at 57%, but that’s just because the iPhone has a high user rate, and Safari comes preinstalled with each unit. 

    Add this to the fact that 91% of the total internet users worldwide are mobile users, and it becomes clear why Safari took the cake. However, Google has a market share of 48% when it comes to the browser market, while Safari is only at 35%.

    5. As of mid-2020, 1.4 million websites were using accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

    (Source: Global Media Insight)

    Google has provided unique innovations to help developers attain better skills and portray their knowledge more effectively. The widely known accelerated mobile pages (AMP) aren’t left out here. In 2020, the number of Google users requiring this service for their websites reached a whopping 1.4 million.

    6. Over 800 million users use Google Discover monthly.

    (Source: Google)

    Google Discover, formerly Google Feed, is a personalized content feed created by Google to help users find fresh and interesting content about the things they love. Today, it has over 800 active monthly users, according to the latest statistics about Google.

    7. In 2017, a whopping 250 million security warnings were sent out to users by Chrome monthly.

    (Source: Google)

    For a very long time now, malware has been a dangerous threat to internet users. According to the top facts about Google, Chrome has made sure it can detect millions of security breaches and malware infections.

    8. Google shut down Google+ due to software design flaws.

    (Source: Google)

    Google has provided various products to the public. However, on April 2, 2019, the company had to shut down its Google Plus platform due to software design flaws and low user engagement.

    9. Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion.

    (Source: NBCN news)

    In 2006, Google saw the potential YouTube presented. To turn it into the world’s largest video site, Google bought the platform for $1.65 billion. Today, reports show that the website reaches over 1 billion views every day.

    10. Android was the world’s leading smartphone platform in 2020, with an 84.8% market share.

    (Source: IDC)


    Android smartphones have spread really fast, and most companies now use the operating system when making phones. According to the recent stats about Google from IDC, Google’s Android had the largest market share in 2020.


Google is also known for handling sponsorships, especially when it comes to software development learning. On top of that, Google is well-known for its efforts to protect nature and help society.

We put the above Google stats together to show everyone what Google really is, how it works, and how it has efficiently impacted our world’s economy. As we can all see, the company has made waves in the search engine world, and it won’t be going away anytime soon.

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